Our Heritage

Our story began in a small village in Joure – Frieseland (now the Netherlands) in the year 1753, around the same time that coffee houses were becoming popular places to meet to discuss the important topics of the day. Egberts Douwes opened a grocery store in Joure called the White Ox (De Witte Os) selling mostly coffee, tea and tobacco.  He decided, like other merchants at the time, that Joure's easy access to the waterways would allow trade to flourish, and he was right.  When the original Egberts Douwe died he passed on his shop to his son Douwe Egberts, (as was the tradition at that time people reversed their names for their sons) who named his business Douwe Egberts as his trade in tea and coffee expanded.

As the business developed, its headquarters were moved to Utrecht and the iconic Douwe Egberts seal was incorporated into the company’s logo.

After 260 years

Through 260 years of innovation and invention by this pioneering family, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is now one of the leading coffee roasters in the world. With the knowledge of the product and processes accumulated over the past 260 years, we have a vast repository of understanding of coffee that cannot be replicated anywhere.