It begins with the farmer

More and more of the coffee beans we buy are sustainably farmed, in fact we are the world’s biggest purchaser of UTZ certified coffee and tea.  Ultimately, we would like the entire coffee market to become sustainable all the way through the chain.  Working towards this goal, over the past ten years the Douwe Egberts Foundation has trained around 20000 coffee and tea farmers to adopt better working practices, increase their earnings and become more environmentally friendly.  You’ll find an increasing amount of certified products in our range which consist of 100% sustainable coffee tea and cocoa.  Alongside these, our products that don’t carry the certified label are being produced with an increasing amount of sustainable ingredients.

Working towards a better environment

To continually improve our environmental performance, all our locations operate according to iso 14001.  This internationally recognised Environmental Management System means we use less energy and water, keep waste to a minimum and ensure our packaging is optimally designed.  Our factory at Utrecht burns the majority of the waste products (coffee grounds) it produces, to generate the power to supply the plant.

Energy Efficient Machines

All our coffee machines incorporate energy saving standby which can reduce your energy consumption by up to 25%.  Our newest Liquid Roast machine is equipped with a smart eco mode.