Bars, Restaurants, and Cafes

Coffee Experts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional provides a rich heritage and brands that consumers love. We source the best beans available then blend and roast them to precisely fit the taste to specific markets. Taste and quality are of paramount importance when serving coffee in a cafe or restaurant, and our espresso beans are developed to meet the consumers demand for high quality coffee on the high-street.

You can find out more about our quality coffee beans from brands such as Douwe Egberts and Piazza D'Oro Espresso here.  

Coffee at the heart of your offer

Coffee is already part of everyday life on the high street.  Making a decision to put coffee at the heart of your business can drive incremental footfall and unlock additional revenue and profit.  Coffee is everywhere and expectations are high. Let us help you serve the best for your customers and environment.

Key requirements for cafe, bar and restaurant coffee

Coffee Theatre

Consumers expect a hand-made coffee with the beans ground and the milk steamed in front of them. For the traditional coffee making experience a traditional espresso machine is the holy grail of coffee making. Our traditional espresso machines are made in Europe in partnership with widely-respected manufacturer. Marry this with one of our fabulous espresso bean blends for a fantastic high quality coffee and artisan coffee theatre that the modern coffee drinker expects.

Sometimes it is not possible to have barista made coffee in your café, restaurant or bar due to staff time constraints or training levels. In these instances a bean-to-cup machine offers a freshly ground espresso based drink solution without the necessity for barista training.

After Dinner Coffee

A quintessential element of any dining experience is the after dinner coffee. This is the final chapter of the meal and one that must be done right to successfully conclude the meal, keep your customers satisfied and most importantly keep them coming back. Speak to us today about coffee solutions such as Automatic bean-to-cup machines, combined with our quality espresso brands Douwe Egberts and Piazza D'Oro Espresso.