Health and Care

Hospitals and Healthcare

The challenges of running a hospital café or restaurant are numerous. Not only are there a large volume of customers to serve and a large dining area to maintain, but also strict hygiene and cleanliness levels must also be upheld at all times.

Key requirements for hospitals and healthcare coffee

We offer a broad range of branded coffee solutions to suit the healthcare sector.  Each one can offer great operational and quality benefits to your organisation.

High volume, consistent quality coffee in a hygienic system

Our Cafitesse liquid roast machines can produce up to 800 cups of consistent high quality coffee per hour. 

Our liquid roast is packed in a sterile environment, in aseptic packaging. The first time the coffee has contact with the air is when it goes into your cup.

The machines are also incredibly easy to clean saving you and your staff time and money. These machines self clean everyday with a full clean down only required once a week which takes a mere 5 minutes.

Looking for something else?

In addition to our excellent Cafitesse coffee solution, we have other options suitable for a range of environments.  These include hygienic single serve coffee sticks, easy to use vending machines, and premium bean-to-cup solutions from brands such as Kenco, Douwe Egberts, and Maxwell house.