Adding Value

Your people deserve great coffee. It shows they’re valued and adds enjoyment to a well earned break.  Make sure your workforce and visitors always have access to perfect coffee, it makes a statement about you as an employer and business partner and brings out the best in them.

All the choice you need

The wide choice of coffee machines from Jacobs Douwe Egberts means you can make whatever type of coffee each situation calls for.  The possibilities are endless.  Where speed is crucial, or for a more relaxing break, our wide choice of coffee equipment will deliver you the perfect solution.

Key requirements for workplace coffee

Great instant coffee

90% of coffee drunk in the workplace is instant. Instant coffee is a quick and easy way for your staff to satisfy their coffee cravings in the workplace. The Kenco freeze-dried instant coffee range offers premium blends, allowing you to present a better coffee to your staff.  

A fresh coffee solution to impress your visitors

For these occasions a a premium but easy to use solution will elevate your visitors’ perception of your business. We have our Tassimo single serve solution, which offers a world full of variety. Whether you prefer an energising espresso, a revitalising tea, or a creamy hot chocolate, Tassimo prepares every drink individually at the touch of a button, perfect for front of house service.

Premiumise your staff coffee offering

For the ultimate workplace coffee experience a bean-to-cup machine allows your staff to dispense a freshly ground cup of barista quality coffee at the touch of a button. Get your work force enthused and reward them on their coffee breaks.