Coffee machine rental: to buy or to rent

Professional coffee machines

The decision to rent a commercial coffee machine or to buy one greatly depends on your needs.
Here is a practical guide to coffee machine rental to help you learn how both solutions differ from each other,
what the different advantages are and how to make the right choice for you.

So what are the differences between renting and buying?

Coffee machine buying

If you buy a coffee machine, then you will receive a good return on your upfront investment because you will enjoy your machine for an average of between six to eight years.

This period is dependent on various factors including: usage (light or intensive), environment (dusty factory vs. office), water hardness and how well it is maintained - the better you take care of your professional coffee machine(s) the longer you will enjoy the benefits.

Many customers choose to purchase the machine upfront because this means that they keep ownership of the equipment, therefore it can be more economical to buy a professional coffee machine than to rent. If you don’t want to be responsible for maintenance and repairs yourself, then you can include a service contract with your purchase on an annual basis.

Coffee machine rental

While many prefer to buy the coffee machine(s), in some cases it makes sense to rent instead because if you do choose to do this then you won’t need an upfront investment.

The terms of a lease can be tailored to suit your needs, you can choose a time frame that suits your business. It is more economical to choose a shorter term because the interest you pay will be lower. However, if you have less capital available then you may benefit from lower monthly payments over a longer period.

There may be some ongoing costs for water filtration and the coffee itself in addition to the cost of renting. Renting a machine gives you cost effective flexibility whilst providing a great cup of coffee.

So, what is best for your business?

Rent or buy a coffee machine?

There is no right choice. It all depends on your business’ individual needs and whether you’d prefer the flexibility of a rental, or to take ownership of the machine as an asset. Your company size also plays a role. Some companies that need more than one machine choose to start with a rental contract and later switch to a purchase agreement.


Whatever your needs, come and talk to us at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) Professional. We will help find the right option for you. In addition, technical support is always included for the entire duration of the agreement. With over 260 years of experience, we are passionate about making sure everyone gets to drink the coffee they love, wherever they are.


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