Our Solutions

As we offer you a coffee for every cup, we can offer you the perfect fit solution. We’ll work with you to identify the right type of coffee for your business. Our strong breadth of portfolio means that we have all the bases covered and that we can apply our tailored approach to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Our aim is to ensure you deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time. Once we fully understand your operation, we’ll provide you with the best brands, products and equipment for your business, then package these together with the support you would expect.

Your Business

From busy hotel conferencing, to workplace coffee corners, we’ve got it covered.


We’ve developed a deep understanding of the needs and opportunities in your channel – whether it’s high quality barista served, high quality self-serve, or high volume back of house coffee – we offer exceptional insight for all occasions.


What this means for you is peace of mind in coffee provision, wherever you need it on your site.


Our Brands

A global coffee & tea company, serving consumers in more than 120 countries through a portfolio of well-loved iconic brands with exceptional awareness and affinity across the UK, including:


Our Heritage

Johann Jacobs and Egbert Douwes didn't know where their journeys would lead them. They just believed that everyone deserved the coffee they love. And that's what we still stand for today.


Our Responsibility

 We are driven by our passion for coffee, care for people and respect for the environment.


At the Source

JDE's responsible sourcing program includes 3 core areas:

  • We support global partnerships and origin projects to address the most challenging coffee & tea sustainability issues.
  • We purchase certified and verified coffee & tea with internationally recognised standards such as: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and 4C.
  • Through our Supplier Initiative, we partner directly with our suppliers to improve working conditions and protect natural resources where coffee is grown.

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Within Our Company

We continuously strive to minimize the impact the environment, focusing on 3 areas:

  • Energy: By 2020, we aim to further reduce our total manufacturing energy by another 10%.
  • Waste: By 2020, all of our manufacturing sites will be landfill free.
  • Logistics & Transport: We are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.

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For Our Consumers

We are driven by our belief “Everyone Deserves the Coffee They Love”:

  • We believe that coffee & tea moments between people build stronger communities.
  • We consider the environmental footprint of our products and appliances to be important.
  • We acknowledge that drinking coffee & tea in moderation can be part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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If you are based in the UK, please email: UK-Contact-Us@JDEcoffee.com, or call: 0808 100 1030
If you are based in Ireland, please email: Ireland-Sales-Leads@JDEcoffee.com, or call: +353 (0) 16917538
If you are based outside of the UK and Ireland, please go to: jacobsdouweegbertsprofessional.com



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