Maxwell House Professional

Brightening mornings since 1892

Value without compromise

Maxwell House provides value without compromise. Making it the smart choice for people and companies that want to enjoy their coffee in a way that is both tasteful and practical.


For generations, the flavourful aroma and rich taste of Maxwell House coffee has brightened up mornings, energized gatherings and comforted moments.


The coffee craftsmen steeped in Maxwell House tradition, carefully blend and roast the coffee beans to high quality standards, as they have for over 125 years.

Catering Tins and Packs

  • Maxwell House Rich Blend Instant Coffee 750g (+ Refill)
    A rich and full instant granulated coffee, just right for those who enjoy a richer coffee break.

  • Maxwell House Mild Blend Instant Coffee 750g
    A mild powdered coffee for those who enjoy a smooth coffee break.

  • Maxwell House Cappuccino Instant Coffee 750g
    A great tasting cappuccino for people who want a coffee shop style drink.



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