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Douwe Egberts coffee: more than 265 years of experience

Bringing people together over quality coffee since 1753

Douwe Egberts’ long and rich history started over 267 years ago, in a small village in the Netherlands. Much has changed in all these years, but what has always remained is the guaranteed standard of consistent quality and craft that is sealed in every pack of Douwe Egberts.



No ordinary jar. No ordinary coffee. We put in 267 years of coffee craft and knowledge. You simply add the water.

  • DE Pure Gold Catering Tin - 750g
  • DE Continental Catering Tin - 750g

Espresso Beans


DE Beans.png

The Douwe Egberts range of whole beans are suitable for bean to cup machines and perfect for an authentic coffee shop style experience.

  • DE Beans Intense - 1KG
  • DE Beans Extra Dark - 1KG
  • DE UTZ Italia Beans - 1KG

Cafitesse Liquid Roast


Cafitesse Range.png

More than great coffee. We concentrate pure coffee extraction of Douwe Egberts until it’s 10 times the strength of an espresso – It’s then flash frozen to lock in the freshly brewed flavour.

  • Strong Roast - 1.25L & 2L
  • Intense Roast - 1.25L & 2L
  • Decaf Roast - 1.25L
  • Classic Roast - 1.25L & 2L
  • Medium Roast - 1.25L & 2L

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Want to find out more about the Douwe Egberts Professional range? Get in touch and we can find the right coffee for your business.