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We’re all Cofficionados now.

Since 1923 the experts at Kenco have been selecting the finest coffee beans from across the world and turning them into legendary coffee experiences. From growing and harvesting, to roasting and blending, our coffee experts are dedicated to a complex process that gives you the best tasting coffee possible.

Kenco brings you the Nation’s top 5 coffee shop favourites in catering tin format.

People want coffee shop style drinks but where choice is limited by just having hot water from a kettle, Kenco offers a solution.

Kenco Instant Coffee Range


  • Kenco Millicano 500g
    Millicano Barista-Edition offers a bold Americano, with a rounded, heart-warming taste and a rich, welcoming aroma with a smooth and balanced finish.

  • Kenco Rich 750g
    A coffee with intense richness, a distinctive, full bodied coffee made from a special blend of premium coffee beans, roasted with care and expertise to create the rich flavour and irresistible aroma.

  • Kenco Smooth 750g (+ 650g refill bag)
    A well-balanced and rounded flavour with a delightful aroma and superior smoothness.

  • Kenco Decaff 750g
    Our Decaff coffee is made with a superior blend of the finest quality beans, expertly roasted to capture the unique smooth Kenco coffee taste.

Kenco Specialities Range


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  • Kenco Cappuccino 750g
    Whip up a Cappuccino and blend a little indulgence into your day - your favourite moment is simply a coffee away

  • Kenco Latte 750g
    Blended to be an indulgent treat, Kenco make it simple to stir up a silky smooth latte.

  • Kenco Flat White 1kg
    Kenco Flat White instant coffee has a distinctive bold and velvety taste, perfectly combining the richness of espresso with the creaminess of milk.

Kenco Instant Vending Bags


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  • Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee Vending Bag - 300g

  • Kenco Rich Instant Coffee Vending Bag - 300g

Kenco Instant Sticks



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  • Kenco Smooth Sticks 200 x 1.8g

  • Kenco Decaff Sticks 200 x 1.8g

Kenco Westminster Roast & Ground


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  • Kenco Westminster Cafitiere Coffee - 1kg

  • Kenco Westminster Filter Coffee - 1kg

  • Kenco Westminster Filter Coffee Sachets - 50 x 60g

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Want to find out more about the Kenco Professional range? Get in touch and we can find the right coffee for your business.