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Created in France in 1992 with an ambition of L'OR offering us intense taste experiences for extraordinary tasting moments. Today, the unrivalled quality of L'OR coffee continues to seduce consumers from all over the world, by delivering captivating multisensorial experiences through its L’OR gold coffee standard.


L'OR, why serve anything less than gold


A pure coffee solution to experience the ultimate hospitality


The ultimate experience for in-room hospitality


Provide the ultimate hospitality with L’OR LUCENTE PRO

The L'OR gold coffee standard

Every cup of L’OR coffee provides a pure coffee pleasure. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aroma. Discover a balance of its smooth and rich flavours. Discover the L'OR gold coffee standard.

Find the perfect coffee solution for your business

In every cup of L'OR lies a fascinating story. From harvest to roast, explore the incredible journey our coffee beans make, to bring bliss to your taste buds.

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Only the best, not only for our customers but also for our environment

Every L’OR Espresso blend is made from coffee grown according to sustainable production methods and is 100% UTZ certified. L’OR works in collaboration with UTZ to promote sustainable practices in coffee farming. Our objective is to improve the living conditions of farmers, workers and their families and we are also working to conserve nature and protect the environment.