The Ultimate Hospitality

with the new L'OR Professional Mini Coffee Machine

In-Room Excellence

For your guests, their in-room experience is the most important part of their stay, and a quality coffee offering can improve their perception of your hotel. Perfectly suited for in-room use, the L'OR Mini is simple to use and gives them quality coffee at the touch of a button.

Gold standard in espresso

An intense Espresso or a smooth Lungo at the touch of a button, giving your guests the gold-standard of L'OR within their hotel room. There is also an individual boiling water outlet for tea, removing the need for a separate kettle.

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Why serve anything less than gold?

L’OR capsules capture the most enjoyable aromas and taste. The high-quality and exclusively selected beans, the complex blends, the enriching roast, and the carefully selected grind; they all contribute to the intense espresso experience that sets the gold standard. Why serve anything less than gold?

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Impressive design

Small, compact, and stylish: this coffee machine is perfect for in-room use. The award winning Italian design will impress your guests and enhance their stay at your hotel. The L'OR Mini is easy to use and operate, and no technician is required for installation or maintenance.

Machine Specifications

Ultimate variation in blends

With the L’OR Mini you can treat your guests to quality coffee.
The specially designed capsules preserve the aromas better than before, thus delivering the intense flavour in every single cup.

Carefully-considered RISTRETTO dazzles the senses with its expressive fresh persona and powerful spicy aroma, an ideal ristretto blend that makes striving for expresso perfection an intensely unforgettable journey.

Unleashthe unbridled power of purebred FORZA, a fiery espresso with a well-constructed complexity of oak and licorice, illuminated by amber tints that dance upon a delicate crema layer.

Espresso ONYX is an ode to the extreme essence of pure espresso: premium, dark roasted Arabica and Robusta beans are finely ground to reveal a pronounced and spicy blend with a splendid bitter cocoa touch. Revel in espresso coffee's darkest character.

The full-bodied strength of rich Ristretto Deceffeinato explores the sturdy side of espresso: a tasteful blend that captures lively woody aromas, layered with notes of toasted almonds and topped by a fine golden mousse layer.