Piazza D'Oro

The Piazza D’Oro coffee blends utilise premium and exotic coffee beans,
each with its own unique set of flavours, aromas and characteristics, to excite and inspire.

Piazza D'Oro

An unforgettable experience

Our coffee is the result of 265 years of knowledge and craftmanship in the field of blending and roasting. Piazza D’Oro creates refined flavours and it is our mission to serve a consistent cup of coffee each and every time and make taste come alive. Every cup of coffee with Piazza D’Oro becomes a unforgettable experience.

Your coffee solution
- from cafe to hotel

Piazza D'Oro would like to help you get the most out of your cup of coffee. Our Coffee Care Specialists give you personalised advice so your business will have a perfect fitted coffee solution. We can help you with the perfect brand, blend and also equipment.

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