Passionately roasting quality coffee since 1753

Crafted with passion, enriched by experience

-Enriched heritage-

The legacy and story of Douwe Egberts began in the charming Dutch town of Joure. Birthplace of Egbert Douwes and home to his and wife Akke Thijsses’ first history-making store, De Witte Os (”The White Ox”). 

From the day of the shop’s opening, Egbert Douwes' mission was to sell items that belonged to the daily joys of life; great tasting, quality, coffee was at the heart of this.

-More than 265 years in the making-

The Douwe Egberts’ seal and signature are your assurance of our high quality and standards in our products, our equipment and our support.  All our coffee beans are the result of more than 265 years of expertise from past and present master roasters. Only the finest coffee beans are selected, precision blended and then slow roasted to produce the exceptional flavour of all our espresso blends.

-Committed to ethical sourcing-

Coffee is produced in more than 50 countries and over 25 million farmers depend on the coffee industry worldwide.

At Douwe Egberts we care about coffee, the people who grow it and the planet it comes from.

Working together with our certification partner UTZ, we support farmers and preserve the environment.

-Meeting demands of today's consumers-

We are committed to making every coffee a daily joy, whether enjoyed for wellbeing or for indulgence.

We support our customers in serving a premium experience-led coffee offer that inspires coffee concepts to meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s consumer.

Whether this be advise on seasonal menu development, how to be greener with coffee waste or just serving the perfect flat white using non-dairy milks. We will be there every step of the way. Follow our Instagram page to find out more.

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