Cafitesse & Sustainability

The coffee solution made with 100% green electricity

100% green electricity

  • We use both thermal and electrical energy to produce Cafitesse.
  • The electrical energy is now 100% sustainable. The electricity comes from European wind turbines.
  • Parts of the thermal energy used in production come from biomass. This is our own used coffee grounds that we burn. So it is also sustainably procured.

100% Green Electricity, what does it mean?

The electricity we use for roasting and brewing Cafitesse coffee comes from renewable sources. This helps make Cafitesse coffee one of our most sustainable coffee solutions!

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional is buying GOs (Guarantees of Origin) to ensure that the green electricity produced is equal to the amount of electricity we use from the Dutch electricity network. GOs are part of the energy market system in Europe, and are the only way to show that the  electricity comes from a renewable source, in our case: Dutch wind!

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We believe in serving great coffee to large groups without compromising on quality.

We have a range of high performance, energy efficient liquid roast machines, perfect for high volume fresh coffee on demand.

No waste, no mess, simple to use.

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