Hygiene Protector Screens

A lot has changed in the 'new normal'...


  • Workplaces are slowly re-opening, employees are hesitantly returning to the office space.
  • Healthcare environments are busy with staff working long, stressful hours.
  • Hotels are starting to welcome guests who’s satisfaction is now rated on how safe they feel.

All segments are putting stringent processes in place to maintain a safe environment for their employees.

But staff and guests need reassurance...


  • People are feeling uncertain in out of home environments.
  • A business’s success rests more than ever on how safe and secure staff and guests feel.
  • Catching up over a coffee and being confident it’s produced safely, has never been more important.

Confidence in the coffee service is critical as people return to the new normal


our new Hygiene Screen Protector


How does it work?

Charged silver ions are released from the protective coating.

The silver ions kill coronaviruses and stop bacteria such as listeria, salmonella and staphylococcus aureus  developing.

Perfect for hospitals, and care environments where hygiene and patient welfare is of paramount importance.

Perfect to enhance the safe working practices as employees return to the workplace

This technology should sit alongside existing cleaning routines for enhanced peace of mind.

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Cafitesse has hygiene at its core.

  • Coffee is brewed at our Roastery in line with HACCP guidelines, FSCC22000 standards and EU directives.
  • Packed in a closed Bag in Box with integrated doser and protective film.
  • Stored Frozen – thawed right before use.
  • With a sterile milc solution, packed into sterile packaging.

Cafitesse’s closed production and distribution limits the possibility of contact with pathogens until the coffee is dispensed into the cup.

Cafitesse is hygienic in use.

  • Bag in box means contact with the coffee is minimised.
  • Manual refilling of ‘dry’ coffee and disposal of ‘wet’ coffee grounds is eliminated.
  • Each pack serves hundreds of coffees, reducing the frequency of replenishment.
  • Boiler temperature of over 90°C and brewing sequence means no residue left in the machine.
  • Equipped with predefined mandatory cleaning intervals and easily sanitized surfaces

Cafitesse is a clean coffee system which can be maintained with just 10 minutes cleaning per week.

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We've identified simple steps to give confidence in any coffee service area

Signage to remind people about

  • Social distancing
  • Hand Washing

Reducing contact on shared surfaces

  • Recyclable cups
  • Individually wrapped coffee add ons
  • Reducing risk when touching the machine
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