Safe Coffee Drinking

To ensure that your guests or employees enjoy a cup of coffee or tea safely, it is important that you apply a number of guidelines for them to follow. Below is our advice, however, it is important to ensure you keep up to date with and follow the latest government guidelines as well.

Hygiene best practice for your office:

  • Keep at least one meter away from other users at the coffee machine
  • Spread out your coffee breaks during the day to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or a tea
  • Don't spend too long at the coffee corner - grab a cup of coffee or tea and take it directly to your desk
  • Disinfect or wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds before operating the coffee machine
  • If you want to add in sugar or milk to your drink, add it into the cup before brewing so you don't have to use anything to mix it together
  • Reusing your coffee cup is fine, as long as you only get coffee for yourself

Hygiene Best Practices For Your Baristas

  • Designate one barista per station and agree that there is good communication about health and potential disease symptoms.
  • The designated barista should regularly wipe down all surfaces that they touch with a disinfectant. Alternatively the barista can work with gloves, but then they need to be regularly disinfected using a hand foam, or replaced. The use of gloves can prevent dry, chapped hands, which can occur from frequent hand washing after preparing an order.
  • If a guest wants extra sugar or milk, this needs to be noted when the order is taken so the barista can provide it alongside the coffee.
  • Try to include as many prepackaged products as possible so that physical contact with the consumables is reduced as much as possible. For example, prepackaged biscuits which the barista can give alongside the coffee.
  • If you offer combination deals, for example a cup of coffee with a piece of cake, the staff should prepare the products with gloves or serving spoons as much as possible. Avoid hand or physical contant with all guests.