Cafitesse Omni


Remember to wash you hands thoroughly before opening a new pack of ingredients.


Step 1


Insert the key in the keyhole and turn it 90 degrees clockwise to open the door. 


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Step 2


Unlock and open the refrigerator door.

Open the hatch above the refrigerator, and the lid of the refrigerator, and interlock them. 


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Step 3


Remove empty packs. 

Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a clean, moist wipe. 


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Step 4


When a new package is needed, take a thawed liquid pack and read the instructions on the pack. 

Shake the pack at least 10 times. 

Remove the plastic wrapper and write the current date on the pack. 


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Step 5


Tear open the dosing tube opening, and unfold the dosing tube. 

Check that the dosing tube is positioned straight and that the coloured ring on the tube covers the corresponding circle on the pack. 

Open the dosing tube by turning it 90 degrees clockwise, check if the tube starts filling itself. 


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Step 6


Place the ingredients packs in the refrigerator. 

Release the top lid refrigerator from the cabinet top hatch, and close both. 

Close the refrigerator door. 


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Step 7


Pull up all the canister outlets to close them.

Lift each canister up, and pull out if its marks to remove them. 

Place all canisters on a table with the outlet over the edge of the table. 

Fill all the ingredients in the canisters.


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Step 8


Use a damp cloth to clean the canister table. 

Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the filled canisters. 

Place each canister back onto the canister tables with its positioning rails in the slots. 


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Step 9


Close and lock the door and remove the key. 

Clean the exterior of the cabinet with a wet wipe.