Hotel Coffee Machines

Coffee is a vital part of any hotel experience

Making a coffee is often the first thing guests do when they get to their room, it’s a critical part of their breakfast experience, and increasingly it’s an indulgent treat from the bar. This broad range of occasions can present significant challenges for both hotel coffee machines and baristas. 

Guests are demanding more and more from their coffee experience – it’s becoming increasingly difficult for hotels to balance the quality, quantity and variety needed to exceed their guests' expectations and generate good quality reviews and repeat visits.

Let's face it: it's not easy to make the perfect cup!

Making a perfect cup of coffee for all guests within your hotel can throw up some significant challenges. There are a huge range of different solutions, each with their own benefits, but this can leave you with decision paralysis.

Bulk brewers are the typical hotel coffee machine. They give you the volume, but not necessarily the quality  they make a lot of coffee, but the coffee tends to sit in the brewer through the whole service meaning your last customers are likely to get a stewed brew. 

Bean to cup machines or barista espresso machines require a high level of training and diligent staff - all too often the beans go stale, and the grind isn’t consistent. Not to mention the cleaning. 

JDE is here to help you exceed your guests' expectations

With over 260 years of coffee expertise, we’ve developed a range of hotel coffee machines perfectly adapted to give your hotel guests and staff a positive experience.

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Our solutions

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Cafitesse Excellence Touch

The innovative Cafitesse Excellence Touch gives you reliably high-quality coffee. 

Delivering over 600 cups of high quality, consistent tasting coffee per hour, the Cafitesse Excellence Touch is the perfect machine for use at peak meal times. 

Because of our unique closed-system, the first and last cup from the machine taste exactly the same.  

We also understand that not everyone enjoys the same coffee, which is why we have a range of coffee blends to choose from. Created by our master blenders, each one has been mapped against consumer taste profiles. The machine also allows up to 12 customisable coffee variations (cappuccino, flat white, latte, etc.).

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L'OR Lucente Pro

Making a good impression when guests first arrive is key within the hospitality sector. If you have the opportunity to host a coffee machine in the reception/waiting areas, the L’OR Lucente is the perfect machine for such occasions.

It might be small in stature, however it still delivers great tasting coffee, time after time.

The L’OR Lucente is also a great solution for use in meeting rooms or conferencing facilities.

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L'OR Mini

With a hotel room being a home away from home, consumers are expecting more and more the same experience that they have in their own house. With capsule machines growing in the UK in-home market, your guests are expecting to find them in their rooms.

Our L’OR Mini machines cater to this trend and are perfect as in-room extras for your guests, to really help them feel at home.

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Everyone deserves the coffee they love

A good coffee experience means a positive guest experience, in fact 3 in 5 guests think that having a quality cup of coffee at their hotel improves their perception of it (One Poll Survey, 2018).

With the variety that our hotel coffee machines provide, we enable you to give your guests the quality coffee that they deserve, whether that be in room, at breakfast or when sitting at the bar.

Your staff will also appreciate the simplicity of our coffee solutions. The Cafitesse Excellence Touch takes around 7 minutes to clean each week and fills a 900ml jug of coffee in just 30 seconds, giving your staff time back to spend on more important tasks, such as keeping guests happy.

Our solutions also help you to become more sustainable, producing less coffee waste than traditional solutions. Our L’OR capsules for the L’OR Lucente Pro are made of aluminium and are recyclable, and the Cafitesse Excellence Touch’s closed-system means no coffee grounds go to waste.

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