Starting up your coffee machines

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Setting up the coffee machine for first use depends on the type of machine, and how long the machine has been switched off.

BRITA recommend a minimum weekly use of 10L, and if the machine has been off greater than four weeks, the mains water line filter will need to be flushed extensively (see here for more details).

Before starting the machine, first check whether the products in the product holders are fresh and the parts are clean. After this, check that the waste and drip tray are clean. Finally, it is important to check whether the water tap is open.

Flushing the cold water system

No additional action is required to flush the cold water system. The cooling unit is linked to the machine and the water is automatically flushed by the rinsing program of the coffee machine. The fine-mesh water filter (0.5 micron) ensures good water quality.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Flushing your BRITA filter

It's recommended to rinse your your filter after its been left stagnant for a long period of time as when drinking water stagnates, it loses its freshness and tastes dull and earthy, and it can also absorb small amounts of the materials its in contact with, such as metal pipes and plastics.

BRITA have provided instructions for how to rinse your filters, including a handy table showing the rinsing volume required depending on the stagnation time - you can read and download this document here.

The steps to flush your BRITA filter depend on the type of filter you have: the Purity or Purity C. BRITA have also created this handy step-by-step guide to take you though the process for each filter.