How coffee plays a part in welcoming visitors to your offices

There are lots of factors involved when it comes to making a good impression with visitors to your office. For example, your business premises, décor and the coffee you offer all contribute to the overall image of your company.

Reception area

First impressions matter because visitors start to build their impression of the business as soon as they enter the reception area.

If you offer coffee to visitors, you immediately give the feeling that you value your customers and care about their needs.

Freedom of choice with a variety of options

You will have already thought about the impact that a warm and professional welcome can have on visitors, ensuring that they see and hear positive signals about the environment that they are in. Offering coffee also appeals to an extra sense. 

An established brand adds further reassurance of the quality and providing great tasting coffee will help to build the good impression further.

Coffee and connection

Coffee can be an excellent ice-breaker. It can help you to quickly make a connection with your visitors because the questions and answers create a natural way into conversation and a cup of coffee helps make people feel welcome.


Providing your visitors with a warm greeting and the offer of quality coffee reinforces your company’s image and helps you spark that personal connection with visitors. We have over 260 years of experience and are passionate about making sure everyone gets to drink the coffee they love, wherever they are.


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