Iced Coffee Recipes

Coffee demand is set to flourish during the hot summer months with as many as 30% of coffee drinkers saying they’d prefer a chilled coffee alternative to a soft drink¹. Full service hotel and restaurant venues have a real opportunity to tap into a booming coffee market, as well as embracing the exciting opportunity that the emerging trend of cold and iced coffee recipes present.

With 60% of consumers now choosing to drink coffee as a refreshing summer treat², Iced/Cold coffee options are now among the fastest growing beverage products in UK coffee shops. Because of this, the ‘Cold Coffee’ category is now worth £106m and is growing +38% vs. last year³. Personalization, along with quality and convenience are key drivers for choice and being able to offer these unlocks added value opportunities. This has been particularly driven by popularity amongst an emerging demographic of quality conscious, millennial consumers. Under-30s are willing to pay well above average for a cup of premium quality specialty coffee⁴.

White Ox can help caterers to meet the demands of coffee loving consumers with diverse health and dietary requirements without compromising on quality or taste. After lattes, under-30s are more likely to purchase summer-fueled blended iced coffees⁴ and with 39.6% of coffee drinkers frequently requesting dairy-alternative milks⁴ it’s paramount that your menu caters to a core trend of coffee lovers. The versatility of Douwe Egberts’ White Ox blend No.1 combined with training and menu development support means premium iced beverage offerings can quickly become a staple part of any summer-facing menu. Check out one of our favourite iced coffee recipes below.


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Salted Caramel Iced Latte Recipe

You will need…

1 Barista

12oz Glass (so you can see the captivating swirls)

20ml Salted caramel syrup

2 shot espresso

6 ice cubes

200ml cold milk (any variety)

For extra picture-perfect points….

Salted caramel drizzle 

Fresh whipped cream



  • Pour the 2 shot espresso and caramel syrup over the ice and stir
  • While gently stirring, pour cold milk into serving cup
  • Garnish with whipped cream and salted caramel drizzle for extra indulgence


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