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Founded in 1986, by Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham, Pret's promise was a simple one, provide delicious food and great tasting coffee, whilst trying to do the right thing. That's why Pret's coffee is organic (and always will be) and Pret's coffee fund is supporting the next generation of farmers.

Pret Express takeaway cup sitting on a pile of coffee beans
Person digging two hands into a pile of coffee beans and filling their palms with coffee beans and lifting them up

The Pret Blend

It all begins with the best beans. Pret's coffee is a delicate blend of hand-picked organic beans from Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia and Sumatra. Each country provides a different but crucial note to the distinctive Pret flavour - bold and intense with a chocolatey, caramel finish.

Sustainable farming practices help farmers protect the land they farm and provide us with delicious coffee harvests, year after year.

The Pret Coffee Fund

Since setting up The Pret Coffee fund in 2014, Pret has been building long-term relationships with its farmers and sharing sustainable farming practices. Together with the Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru, Pret has designed a course to educate, inspire and support the next generation of coffee farmers, helping them to build a sustainable business through coffee farming.

The hands of farmers inspecting coffee beans that they have just picked.
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Always organic

Pret only uses organic coffee. It's grown high in the mountains using organic fertilisers. No pesticides. In fact...teas, milks, and milk alternatives are organic too.


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