Pret Express Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at the most common questions about Pret Express!



What is Pret Express?

►Pret Express is a smart, self-service coffee-to-go machine offering Pret’s 100% organic coffees and teas. Pret Express will be introduced in convenience stores, forecourts, universities, healthcare facilities and workplaces, offering the same favourite organic coffees and teas customers enjoy in Pret shops in places where Pret Baristas aren’t able to operate.


Will drinks be priced the same as in Pret shops?

►No. The pricing will be determined by the premises, they are free to set a price for their customers.


How will I pay for coffee offered by the Pret Express machine?

►Each Pret Express machine comes with its own cashless payment terminal.


Does the coffee differ to the coffee sold in Pret shops?

►The coffee used in the Pret Express machines is the same 100% organic coffee (100% Arabica) that is sold in Pret shops. Pret Express machines will also offer 100% organic fresh milk and the same organic teas available in Pret shops, a first in the self-serve coffee-to-go sector.


What coffees will be available?

►Pret Express offers a range of 21 delicious regular and decaffeinated coffees, that our consumers love. From Espresso to macchiato, latte to americano, flat white to cappuccino, available in a range of cup sizes. Pret Express will also offer organic breakfast, Earl Grey and tropical green & mint teas.



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