Pret’s Organic Coffee

When we opened our first shop in London in 1986, we sold about 12 cups of coffee a day. Since then we’ve come a long way, invested in the very best Italian coffee machines, trained thousands of Baristas to the highest standard and built sustainable relationships with our coffee farmers through the Pret Coffee fund.


It all begins with the best hand-picked beans. Pret’s espresso is a complex blend of organic beans from Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia and Sumatra. Each origin provides a unique and crucial note to the distinctive Pret flavour – rich and intense with dark chocolate and bittersweet caramel tones. Sustainable farming practices ensure our farmers protect the land they farm and provide us with fresh and delicious coffee harvests, year after year.

The Pret Coffee Fund

Since setting up The Pret Coffee Fund in 2014, we've been building long term relationships with our farmers and sharing sustainable farming practices. Together with the Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru, we have designed a course to educate, inspire and support the next generation of coffee farmers, helping them to build a sustainable business through coffee farming.


Always Organic

All our coffee is organic. So is our tea and all our milk and milk alternatives. Organic is not a brand - it’s a way of farming. Our milk comes from cows that enjoy a natural diet, while our coffee is grown on small farms in harmony with the environment.


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