In the office

In the past three months, we have had to give up seeing colleagues, guests and visitors. Fortunately, the time of getting together for a cup of coffee is near and at JDE one of our priorities is to help you prepare for the "new normal".

Below are some tips to ensure that you can safely drink a cup of coffee with your colleagues or guests.

Tips to prepare your office for the new normal

icon-1.png Starting up your coffee machine

Read our guides on how to start up your coffee machine to help avoid malfunctions. Can't figure it out? We're happy to help you.


icon-2.png Order your ingredients in time

Order your ingredients in plenty of time, using your normal ordering process. Please note that orders through our delivery partners may take longer than you are used to. Also, when you first return, check the expiration date of your existing stock of ingredients to ensure they are still fresh.



icon-3.png Preparing for the restart:

In the run-up to restating your business activities, make some preparations so that you, your colleagues, and guest can safely start using your coffee corner. Below are some steps you can take to ensure that users can safely use the coffee facilities:

  1. Set up your coffee corner so that users can see and observe a safe distance of over one meter. You can do this by, for example, placing floor stickers every meter so that colleagues who are waiting can keep a safe distance.
  2. Ensure that when there are coffee machines less than two meters from each other, that you guarantee the safety of users. You can do this by placing a plexiglass screen between the machines.
  3. Make a separate area for disinfecting or washing hands. This reduces queues at the coffee machine itself.
  4. Place the rubbish bin away from the route too and from the coffee machine to ensure that people can keep over 1m away, and to prevent traffic jams around the coffee machines.
  5. JDE Professional recommends that you avoid using disposable stirrers.

icon-4.png Clear communication

Clear communication is crucial to ensure that everyone adheres to the hygiene guidelines. Hang a step-by-step instruction in the coffee corner to make drinking coffee as safe as possible. To help you on your way, we have made content for your coffee corner to help your colleagues and guests safely drink a cup of coffee.

Click here to down the hygiene guideline for your users.

icon-5.png Pathing

Think carefully about the paths to and from the coffee corner. With a clear route that is indicated on the ground, for example by means of arrows, you can ensure that employees do not come into contact with each other unnecessarily. Make sure there is one-way traffic where possible. Clearly indicate where the line starts and make sure everyone walks back on the other side after getting coffee. Floor stickers with a 1+ meter distance in between can then help to ensure the distance between people waiting in line.

Life in the new normal

Hygiene guidelines for users

We have developed the most important measures to allow you to continue enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together. For the safety of you and your colleagues, it is recommended to apply the tips below to your workplace:

icon-1.pngSet up a hygiene ambassador.

Ensure that the hygiene rules are always observed in the coffee corner. If necessary, you can appoint a manager who ensures everyone keeps to the guidelines. This way you can continue to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your colleagues without worrying.


icon-2.png Doing the coffee round:

Whilst in the past it would be kind to offer to get a cup of coffee for your colleagues, the current advice is to only get yourself a cup of coffee.


icon-3.png Reusing cups

Reusing your coffee cup is no problem, provided you get the coffee yourself.

icon-4.png Refilling and cleaning the coffee machine

For refilling and cleaning the coffee machine, the advice is:

  1. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or use a disinfectant foam or cloth before refilling or cleaning the coffee machine. You can read the NHS's handwashing guidelines here.
  2. Avoid contact with the ingredient by filling the product directly into the ingredient container from the packaging.
  3. Clean the control panel of the coffee machine more often than usual.

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