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Hospitality Tips and Tricks

There are many ways that you can add value to your business! We’ve put together a list of hospitality tips and tricks to show you how to do just that and enhance your customers coffee experience at the same time.


1. Develop your own signature coffee, inspired by your location perhaps or the heritage within your city.

2. ‘Coffee to go’ is on trend & growing in popularity. Make sure you have nicely branded heat proof cups & all of the ‘necessities’ straight at hand, especially in busy places like shopping centres and hotel lobbies.

3. Cups are key – distinctive good quality crockery will create the right impression and a positive feeling, chipped or cheap crockery wont. Nearly 50% of people expect their coffee to be served in quality crockery when sitting in a coffee shop!*

4. It’s worth gently heating the cups, cold cups will kill the crema layer and adversely affect the coffee taste and experience. Sit them on top of your coffee machine, this will help to heat them!

hospitality tips and tricks

5. Remember the ‘first & last’ rule – it’s the first 10 seconds and last 10 seconds that leave a lasting effect on your customers, make them count!

6. Create attractive combi deals like coffee & cake, they can generate additional sales/revenue. As can adding small, medium and large coffee options. Although us Brits prefer a regular sized coffee, 25% of us prefer a large cup and 14%** prefer a small cup.

7. Loyalty pays - keep your customers coming back with loyalty cards or reward schemes, as well as serving good coffee! Loyalty cards are a key driver for people choosing a coffee shop to visit and 63%** of coffee shop users regularly use coffee shop loyalty schemes!

8. Clever, creative descriptions can add personality to your coffee and appeal to customers but keep it short and punchy, here’s an example ‘Treat yourself with our rich and creamy cappuccino’

9. If you want to get the best out of your baristas, invest in them by giving them sufficient training! Knowing how to extract an amazing espresso, producing great quality milk texture, latte art and daily machine cleaning will enhance your consumer experience. For many customers, consistent coffee quality is a key driver when choosing which coffee shop to visit**

10. A well-designed menu with an appealing layout that clearly differentiates the coffees will always appeal to customers, add seasonal drinks and specialities to keep it interesting. Customers who enjoy seasonal variety are most likely to try seasonal drinks once a week*, so they’re a great addition to any menu!

11. Signage and shop boards can stop and intrigue people - keep your messages short and clear, if it takes over 2 seconds to read, it’s too long. But, done right, it can be a very effective marketing tool for a coffee shop!

*Data from Consumer Views Toluna Survey, conducted November 2020.
** Data from Allegra 2018 Report

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