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3 Reasons Why Kenco Iced Latte is Good for Your Business

If you’re in the hospitality or catering business and want to add value to your coffee menu this summer, without splashing out on Barista equipment and training; keep reading to find 3 reasons why you should buy Kenco Iced Latte!

1. It’s quick and easy to make but high quality

Kenco Iced Latte requires no barista training or special equipment, basically no faff! All you need is a scoop of Iced Latte powder, some water and to give it a good stir and this makes a high quality deliciously creamy Iced Latte… Just add some ice and serve!


2. Iced Latte is growing in popularity year on year

Iced Latte has worked its way up the popularity scale and now sits alongside the nation’s top 5 coffee shop favourites. Why? It’s an extremely popular drink with the under 35’s with 70%* of under 35s drinking iced coffee and 34%* of consumers will drink it all year round! It is an aesthetically pleasing drink and makes a great Instagram picture if presented well… there’s a FREE marketing opportunity!  


3. It’s a versatile drink that works well with different syrups

Kenco Iced Latte works extremely well with syrups which allows you to broaden your coffee offering even further. If you have downloaded our recipe booklet then you will have seen our range of dessert inspired recipes to try, these are tried and tested by our coffee experts. Or, add the popular yet simple, caramel iced latte to your menu, caramel is the most popular syrup to pair with iced coffee*. Even come up with your own Kenco Iced Latte recipe unique to your business!



If you’re serving Kenco Iced Latte to your customers, make sure to let us know what they think! Send us an email at or tag us in a post on LinkedIn @Jdeprofessional