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Five reasons why our Cafitesse Excellence Touch is the perfect hygienic coffee solution

Hygiene has always been a key consideration for organisations within the out of home sector. Due to the pandemic, enhancing hygiene and safe working practices has become even more of a priority for all companies. Cafitesse Excellence Touch is perfect for making colleagues, customers and visitors feel comfortable and reassured as they return to a new normal, whether it be in hotel breakfast bars, patient waiting rooms or coffee corners in the workplace.


Here are five reasons why our Cafitesse Excellence Touch is the perfect hygienic coffee solution for your company:

1. Closed fresh coffee system

Cafitesse Excellence Touch has a revolutionary closed coffee system that requires no direct human contact with the coffee or milk. There is also no need for manual refilling of ‘dry’ coffee or the disposal of ‘wet’ coffee grounds. As well as this, each pack of coffee serves hundreds of drinks, reducing the frequency of replenishment. For these reasons, the closed system reduces the possibility of contact with viruses and bacteria from bean to cup!

2. Minimal cleaning required

Our Cafitesse Excellence Touch machine requires minimal cleaning. In fact, the machine requires approximately 6 minutes of cleaning a week! This means your employees can spend less time on cleaning and more time focusing on what is important. So, it is also highly beneficial for businesses experiencing a shortage in staff members due to the ongoing effects of pandemic.

3. High capacity and brewing speed

Cafitesse Excellence Touch has a high capacity and quick brewing speed whilst maintaining maximum consistency in taste. The machine can serve 300 cups per hour! As a result of quick dispensing, waiting times at the machine are reduced – helping maintain social distancing and reducing the risk of overcrowding around the machine.

4. HACCP accreditation

The coffee used in Cafitesse Excellence Touch is brewed at our roastery in Joure using 100% sustainably sourced electricity. Cafitesse coffee is prepared in line with HACCP guidelines, meaning we are committed to maintaining the best safety and quality of coffee. Strict hygiene standards and food safety always remain top priorities here at JDE Professional.

5. Wide selection of delicious coffee options

In addition to its hygienic features, the user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen enables individuals to personalise their coffee to suit their own preferences as they would do at home or from their favourite coffee shop. They can adapt the size, strength, and the quantity of milk in their coffee at a touch of a button. The offer of personalised, high quality coffee is certain to make colleagues, customers and visitors feel positive about venturing more regularly into out-of-home settings.

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